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What Makes Vancouver A Global Premier Destination For Animations and VFX?


Vancouver is undoubtedly a strong candidate when it comes to competing for the city best to take advantage of the rise of the animation and VFX industries. Several key factors contribute to the city’s ability to harbor long-term growth, talent acquisition, and attracting investments.

The backbone of this growing industry in Vancouver is supported by more than 150 companies all throughout the production pipeline. This city is home to major studios and education centers fulfilling the need of creative individuals to pursue a career in this industry. Thanks to this accumulation of talent, this city continues its long track record of producing cutting-edge animated content from award-winning shorts to internationally renowned series and featured films.

Animation Class Peaceful Art Studio

The Vancouver Advantage

  • High concentration of industry-leading companies and production studios supported by world-class infrastructure
  • Professional education programs from established schools dedicated to the development of new talent
  • A business-friendly environment with various grants and tax incentives
  • The proximity to U.S. industry hubs including Los Angeles, Bay Area, and Seattle connected by similar business environments.
  • Well integrated city providing excellent urban living conditions

Career Paths Available For Animation and VFX Artists (Glassdoor Link Attached)

3D Modeler 

2D Animator

Compositing Artist

Visual Effects Artist (VFX)

Film Editor

Environment Artist

Concept / Storyboard Artist

Character Rigger 

Game Artist

Interactive Graphics Artist

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