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Layout Design 102

Up-to-date tech & method. Hand-on, detailed, and no experience needed. Well, design class structure. From basic concepts to finished portfolio-ready pieces. 

Animation Class Peaceful Art Studio

Course Mission

In thirteen weeks, students will start by drawing lines in perspective, to form the structure of an object in perspective to understand the three essential perspectives used in layout drawing. Learn how to draw complicated objects and organic objects with proper perspective in layout design. Once students are confident with the basics we will introduce the pipeline of industrial use layout including thumbnail brainstorming, rough out, and fine lining clean.

Course Summary

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to have a couple of prop designs and 2 portfolio-ready layout designs.

Classes Info

Term(s): Ongoing
Course Name: Intro to Digital Art
Studio Classroom: Van & Rmd
Scheduled Days: Tuesdays
Weekly Hour(s): 4 + 2 studio hours *
Total Projects: 6
Project Upload Link:
Class Resource Link:

*Access to portfolio students only
Course Format: In person w/ all access Discord online support

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to…

  • Strong sense of perspective and be able to explain it to students that has zero to little experience.
  • Be experienced and able to explain compositions to students, helping them revise their layout design 
  • Understand size relationship and the use of it in layouts.
  • Creative thinking for the use of perspective with composition, helping students to get unique and strong layouts.

Required Materials


  • 15in + Laptops (RTX GPUs Recommended)
  • Graphic Displays or Pro Tablets
  • Studio Workstations

*Access to portfolio students only


Animation Class Peaceful Art Studio

Intro to Layout Design 102

Course Content with Time Allocation

Understand perspective

– 1 Week

Introduce the concept of horizon line, vanish point, and three basic perspectives used in animation layouts.

Prop design Reference gathering and rough

– 1 Week

Introduce the design pipeline, starting from concept brainstorming, reference gathering, and silhouette design. 

Prop design rough & clean – 2 Weeks

From 2 of the 12 thumbnails,, we’ll develop it with more details and proper perspective.

Layout thumbnailing – 2 Weeks

With an understanding of the workflow, we will apply it to the layout’s background design. Creating 9 thumbnails of interior and exterior design.

Layout rough out – 4 Weeks

Out of 9 thumbnails we will choose 2, 1 interior, and 1 exterior to further develop, and construct with more details and perspective.

Size relationship – 1 Weeks

Before we tighten up the roughs, we will introduce the concept of size relationship and make sure the props in the scene are all with proper sizing.

Layout clean-ups – 2 Weeks

Finalize the rough, with more details develop and introduce the basic of layout clean ups method. Finish the 2 layout designs and file them into portfolio pieces.

Create an industry-ready portfolio

Focusing on an area that reflects your skills, interests and career goals, you’ll work alongside a personal mentor to develop an impactful demo reel: