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Animation Class Peaceful Art Studio


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Founded in 2012 by a group of passionate artists, Peaceful Art Studio prepares students in the art and design capital of Vancouver for a dynamic future in the creative economy. Since opening, our studio has taught a diverse community of over 800 students in a supportive setting to become highly skilled applied artists aimed at entering into established and emerging creative industries. Our industry instructors are professionals in and out of the classroom, leading specialized classes offering students a competitive edge when starting out as young artists. Former learners have now worked at some of the most influential companies including Blizzard, Pixar, DreamWorks, EA, Tencent and Netflix.


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What we do.

Animation Class Peaceful Art Studio
Portfolio Development
This program is designed to help learners develop a personalized art portfolio for university and professional development. For learners planning to pursue creative careers it's essential to present their capabilities in an organized visual portfolio. Through our intake consultation, we help learners to decide on their field of study and the best schools in that field.
Animation Class Peaceful Art Studio
Animation Production
We teach what we love and we love animation! Our team of animation specialists will help you develop your dream projects from the start to finish. Whether its commercials, introductions or digital assets we have got you covered. Let us know your ideas and our team will help you bring your imagination to life. Your creativity, our expertise!
Animation Class Peaceful Art Studio
Creative Art Classes
Creative art classes are designed to help learners build a strong foundation through traditional forms of art mediums. Learners tackle individual art projects and solve problems using the artistic lens in small group classes. Learners will develop the creative processes alongside practical skills and techniques. Foundations including lines, form, lighting, proportions, colors, perspectives, and composition are covered in comprehensive classes.
Animation Class Peaceful Art Studio
News and Events
Vancouver as a leading destination in Canada for attracting talent across design industries has so much to offer. From learning resources to industry updates, check out our blog and stay up to date with everything in the creatives industry!

Studio Mission

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Value Driven Form and Function


Going Above and Beyond.

We always look to surpass expectations.


Expression Through Visual Storytelling

The only limitation is your imagination.